NEWS:  Explor acquired SeisInfoTM software on August 31, 2018

Explor will develop secure cloud-based solutions with SeisInfo to simplify and accelerate access to seismic databases

SeisInfo: Power, Flexibility, Accuracy

Why Use SeisInfo?

Data Integrity
Data Integrity is at the heart of SeisInfo™.  Data entry is controlled through a defined database structure.  This ensures that regardless of the number of users, all data entered is consistent and adheres to company standards.  Adding and updating meta-data is simplified, searching for data is easier, faster and produces accurate results.

Self-Management of Your Seismic Data Set
SeisInfo™ enables active management of physical and digital data items. Users can manage data on line, off line, in house, with a third party vendor or via the cloud.  Users who store seismic data on line (either on internal servers or via the cloud) can access data directly from SeisInfo™ eliminating delay and reducing costs.

Geo-Spatial Accuracy

SeisInfo™ is engineered to ensure geo-spatial accuracy of the complete data set. Data from various vintages will often utilize different grid systems, datums and projections. SeisInfo™ stores the data in its original acquisition parameters but can convert to any available grids, datums and projections for mapping and exporting of data to the work station. 

SeisInfo™ is European Petroleum Survey Group (ESPG) compliant currently supporting over 3000 projections and datums internationally.

We are Client Driven:
SeisInfo™ understands that our clients require software that adapts to meet their ongoing needs.

Cost Effective
nnual subscription fee with no large upfront expense.

SeisInfo™ Users Group

The SeisInfo™ Users Group on LinkedIn enables all clients, from around the world to interact with each other and with our development team 24/7/365.